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Your workflow & integration partner

Delivering better journalist tools and smarter production workflows

We have the expertise your company needs for cloud newsroom workflows, video production in the cloud, including LIVE production, intelligent cloud search, collaboration, and using AI to log metadata automatically. Our expert system integration team is ready to help you plan and set up your AWS cloud infrastructure, cloud newsroom tool Dina and cloud video production and AI tool Mimir. 


Who are we

We are a company from Bergen, Norway, part of the technology group Fonn Group AS

We offer bespoke software tools, systems integration services, delivery, training and services for our sister companies Mjoll and 7Mountains. We also provide our product, a multi-platform publishing service. learn more about here.  



Our product is a multi-platform publishing service originally built for cloud newsroom solution Dina by 7Mountains. connect all your social media accounts and websites into your newsroom system, enabling your journalists and storytellers to work in one unified tool. 



Our services

We specialise in project management and bespoke software integrations for larger workflow projects and for cloud/AWS infrastructure.

We are experts in cloud media management and AI tool Mimir and cloud newsroom tool DiNA, with integrated workflows for AI services, editing, graphics, multi-platform publishing, remote production, etc.