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Knowledge is our guiding policy

Kunnusta AS is a company from Bergen, Norway and with headquarters in Media City Bergen.  We are part of the technology group Fonn Group AS. We specialise in project management and bespoke software integrations for larger workflow projects.  We have product experts for our sister companies Mjoll and 7Mountains and for any integrated workflows (Adobe, Avid, Vizrt,  Grass Valley, and more). 

Our name means knowledge in old Norse and this is what we live and breathe. Having the right knowledge and experience are key factors for delivering better journalist tools and smarter production workflows. 

We have the expertise and knowledge that you need to enable your team to work smarter. 

Products expertise

We are experts in cloud media management and AI tool Mimir and cloud newsroom tool DiNA, with integrated workflows for AI services, editing, graphics, multiplatform publishing, remote production, and more.

Project Management

We have the expertise you need for transitioning to cloud and to hybrid cloud workflows, for media management in the cloud, cloud newsroom systems and integrated workflows, and more. Our project management team will help you through your planning, implementation and training processes.

Bespoke software

We develop software tools for larger workflow projects and integrations. Our expertise is in multi-platform storytelling, cloud based media management and production, AI, and integrated graphics and video workflows.

Our key markets

Media and Entertainment

Our customers

Broadcasters, Online news & OTT providers, Film – and production companies, Content owners

Our key knowledge areas

Video workflows, News workflows, Multiplatform, Cloud production, AI & ML, Editing and Graphics workflows

Our people

Experienced media workflow experts, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

A global team of domain experts

From our HQ in Bergen, Norway we take on projects globally utilising our own staff and a wide range of domain experts. 

We have built up news channels in locations such as London, Sydney, Copenhagen and Oslo. With tools from our sister companies Mjoll and 7Mountains at the core, we build modern and scalable workflows in close cooperation with our customers and key partners. AWS infrastructure and architecture sits at the core of our main solutions, with integrated production and graphics workflows based on modern web based technologies.

We have experience in remote deploy and training and have key reference customers where entire news channels have been built with remote team access for deploy and training, saving both time and money for the customers. This is possible when technology choices are based on cloud and on modern, light weight production tools and infrastructure.

We would love to tell you more about our reference projects.

We can take care of your

Project management

Project Planning
Risk management
On-site activities
Coordination of 3rd party vendors

Hire our domain experts for your 


Identify pain-points & goals
Technical requirements and design
Workflows & systems audit
Report & Recommend

We have the experience you need for

Projects delivery

Architecture & Design
Installation (on site and remote)

Our expert developers can help

Bespoke development & products expertise

Custom integrations
System integrations

Building a team of exceptional talents

We are building a team that creates tools and workflows that changes how journalists, producers and editors work. 

We currently do not have any specific open positions.

Contact us

Kunnusta AS
Org nr /VAT: 827 929 492
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen