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Are you struggling with keeping your social media channels updated and aligned with your newsroom and web desks?

The Kunnusta Delivery Team specializes in story-centric newsroom tool Dina and video collaboration tool Mimir. Native cloud solutions with efficient and scalable workflows is our area of expertise. Read about our services offering below.  

We also offer a solution for publishing stories to web pages and to social media from within the story-centric newsroom tool Dina. Read about below.  

We are also an expert cloud/AWS system integrator and can help your company plan and implement your cloud infrastructure. 

Our services offering

Project management, bespoke software and services

We are experts in cloud media production asset management and AI tool Mimir, and cloud newsroom tool Dina.

We have the expertise your company needs for transitioning to the cloud and hybrid cloud workflows, for cloud PAM/MAM, and cloud newsroom systems, with Dina and Mimir as our core areas of expertise. 

Our project management and delivery teams will help you through your planning, implementation and training processes. Read more about the Kunnusta Delivery Team on our About page here


We take care of your
Project management

Project Planning
Risk management
On-site activities
Coordination of 3rd party vendors


Hire our experts for

Identify pain-points & goals
Technical requirements and design
Workflows & systems audit
Report & Recommend
Setup, Documentation & Training


Systems integration and setup for
AWS Cloud 

Cloud newsroom tool Dina
Media management and AI tool Mimir
AWS Architecture
Cloud Design & Setup
Configuration (on-site and remote)
Documentation & Training


Expert developers for
Bespoke software 

Multiplatform publishing with
Custom integrations
System integrations


Typical problems we solve

  • How to build efficient workflows?
  • How can I get news out faster?
  • Cloud vs on-prem?
  • How to integrate with other systems?
  • How to get my old data to the cloud?
  • How do I plan my project in an efficient manner?
  • How do I know the best combination of products to achieve my goal?
  • How do I plan my project in an efficient manner?
  • How long will implementation take?

Share your stories on any platform 

Many broadcasters are still stuck with legacy newsroom control room systems (NRCS) built for linear news only.

Journalists are forced to work with numerous tools to get a story out on social media and websites. As a story evolves throughout the day, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what gets published and ensure that all channels are kept up to date. 

Sounds like a familiar challenge?

We have developed for integrating your newsroom to multiple platforms. was formerly known as Mediability Publish. 

Work smarter with a story-centric approach is a multi-platform publishing service built for the cloud newsroom solution Dina. 

Story-centric means focusing on the story itself rather than the underlying technology for multi-platform publishing. With an accurate story-centric workflow, your journalists can focus on what they do the best, the story itself, and let the technology do the job for publishing across platforms. This is where comes in!  

Multi-platform publishing from the cloud newsroom tool Dina is accomplished by integrating 



Publish to social media integrates to a wide range of social media platforms, amongst others: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

With the social media integration, your journalist and story creators can publish stories, including text, videos and images, directly to social media channels from within a newsroom system.

Manage your social media connections from the easy-to-use web interface. 


Publish to web sites integrates with content management systems (CMS), allowing your journalists and storytellers to publish stories to web systems, such as: 

  • WordPress
  • Labrador 
  • Kaltura
  • Bazo
  • SimpleStream 

With CMS integration, your storytellers can work in one unified tool for publishing stories to all platforms. There is no need to switch between platforms for publishing stories from your newsroom system. handles publishing online, social media, and rundowns for linear news. 



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